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Young Carers Awareness Day

Thursday 30 January 2020


This Young Carers Awareness Day, schools, carers services and young carers from across Wales will hold a series of events both to celebrate the amazing contributions made by young carers and to call on education providers to do more to identify and support them.   You can support their #CountMeIn campaign by:

  • Listen to Grace Barton, member of Carers Trust Wales’ Youth Council and Welsh Youth Parliament Member’s powerful statement about why supporting young carers’ in education matters 
  • Pledging your support for Wales’ amazing young carers on social media using #YoungCarersAwarenessDay #DiwrnodYmwybyddiaethGofalwyrIfanc #CountMeIn #CyfrwchFiMewn and tag in @CarersTrustWal so we can retweet!
  • Promoting our online bilingual resources for schools in Wales and other resources which might help compulsory education providers to identify and support more young carers.