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Year 10 Student Mentoring Programme with Willows High

Thursday 8 February 2018

Weekly mentoring sessions with Willows High Year 10 pupils started in this term.     The Student Mentoring project has been established to provide help and support to identified pupils in secondary education.  The programme aims to help support and improve the learning of the pupils involved. Mentors can also help raise mentees aspirations to progress to higher education by acting as role models.

The mentors are 2nd and 3rd Year Psychology students from Cardiff Metropolitan University.  The university students, who are undertaking the experience as part of a placement module, work with the pupils on a one-to-one basis to ensure that each mentee is treated as an individual, helping to develop greater self-esteem, motivation, confidence, persistence and application.

The group ice-breaker took place in December and weekly mentoring session will take place at the school until the Easter break.