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Saturday Art & Design Club

Thursday 23 April 2020

Like many clubs across the country the Saturday Art & Design Club at Cardiff Metropolitan University has had to find a way to quickly transition into online delivery as a result of the Covid – 19 outbreak.

The creativity of the Clubs Tutor, Laura Barritt a Cardiff Met PHD student and Secondary School teacher has meant that we were to adapt quickly and create videos to post on social media for the club participants to watch and respond to. Video’s so far have challenged ‘Perceptions’ of the things we see, created a ‘Wordly Weave’ of materials you can find in your house and built a ‘Theatre of the Absurd’ for shadow puppets. Whilst the club is not able to meet face to face the videos give participants the opportunity to see a friendly face and respond creatively if they want to via Social Media.

We are also very fortunate to be part of a National network of Saturday Clubs in partnership with the London based National Saturday Club Trust. The trust have been collating all the tasks created by clubs across the UK and hosting them on their website as a bank of resources for all club members to access during this period.


Follow the link to view our first video that challenges perceptions ‘What do you see?’