This Project gives the opportunity to schools who have taken part in the SHEP Programme (School Holiday Enrichment Programme) to take part in an additional family learning experience at St Fagans Museum, Cardiff.

Chemistry at Work is aimed at year 10, more able and talented learners, this interactive session is designed to illustrate the relevance of chemistry in everyday life and inspire students to continue studying chemistry.

You are invited to join a debate focusing on if and how we should change our lifestyle to take personal action on climate change. The day will feature information about the science of climate change, information on choices, and a chance to find evidence using the Museum’s galleries.

Free tickets are now available to book for the Royal Institution’s Christmas Lecture Series, which will be streamed live at the University of South Wales.

meet new people, learn how to plan a community garden and help make your local area a greener happier place!

This course will give students an overview
of the understanding, knowledge and skills
required of a public service interpreter in
the UK