Travelling Ahead South East Forum

Project Description

Travelling Ahead Wales Advice and Advocacy Service is part of the Welsh charity Tros Gynnal Plant.  It is a project which works with young people and families from Gypsy, Roma and Traveller communities to give them a voice about the things that matter to them and helping tackle hate crime and discrimination.

Travelling Ahead organises two regional forums each year in South East Wales, South West Wales and North Wales. First Campus is an active partner within the South East Wales Forum. First Campus work with Travelling Ahead, to provide activities and opportunities for young people to find out about university life and the courses, which are available.

First Campus have arranged for the October 2017 meeting of the South East forum to take place at Coleg Gwent’s Blaenau Gwent Learning Zone, Ebbw Vale. Many of the Gypsy and Young Travellers attend schools without sixth form provision so visiting a college campus will showcase ‘College Life’ and allow them to experience the stepping stone before Higher Education.

To find out more about Travelling Ahead visit their website. http://www.travellingahead.org.uk/

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