Primary Potions 2019

Project Description

Primary Potions’ is a programme run by Adam Day of Cardiff University’s Chemistry department, designed to introduce pupils to acids, alkalis and the indicators used to distinguish them. ‘Potions’ is the department’s largest outreach programme, with workshops being delivered to KS2 pupils in schools across South Wales.

The workshop introduces pupils to the influence of chemistry on our day-to-day lives, leading on to an experiment that students can conduct themselves on various household goods to test their acidity levels. Primary Potions not only makes chemistry relatable to pupils, but encourages inquisitiveness through concluding each workshop with ‘ask a scientist anything’. As the workshop is delivered by current undergraduate and postgraduate students, it also contributes towards the introduction of the prospect of STEM degrees and careers to pupils at a young age.

Past Events


Primary Potions 2019 3

24 June 2019