First Campus lives by four key values, we are: caring, inclusive, collaborative and reflective. These values underpin the mentoring programme. Please click on the Mentoring header to find out more

Project Description

First Campus Mentoring Scheme

First Campus lives by four key values, we are: caring, inclusive, collaborative and reflective. These values underpin the mentoring programme.

We mentor Care Experienced Young People, Young Carers and Adults 21 and over living in disadvantaged areas with no Higher Education qualifications. Mentoring provides our priority group students with an opportunity to have individualised, motivating support and guidance from Year 9 onwards.

Most of our undergraduate and postgraduate mentors have been recruited from priority group backgrounds; they are fantastic and highly trained roles models.

Benefits of being a Year 9 – Year 11 Mentee

  • Gain practical advice, encouragement and support
  • Learn from experiences of others
  • Increase social and academic confidence
  • Become empowered to make decisions
  • Develop communication, study and personal skills
  • Develop strategies to deal with academic issues
  • Identify short term and longer-term goals and establish a sense of direction
  • Gain valuable insight and support through transition periods and education
  • Access to proofreading of homework and schoolwork – developing own proofreading skills
  • Access opportunities to visit universities and get involved with taster days and programmes

Benefits of being a Post 16 Mentee

In addition to the Year 9 – Year 11 benefits Post 16 Mentees will have to support to:

  • Develop decision making around next steps
  • Examine and identify what route to take: university, apprenticeships and the world of work
  • Access career events and open day opportunities
  • Complete University UCAS/ apprenticeship applications
  • Identify existing key skills and experiences as well as those that need development
  • Develop study skills and life skills to prepare for living and studying independently
  • Receive support with Student Finance, Disability Student Allowance and Accommodation applications
  • Understand what financial support is available and work together to produce budgets
  • Meet with Student Services/ Key University Staff Members before beginning the courses/programmes

Signing Up

If you are interested in becoming a mentee or know someone who would benefit from becoming a mentee use our online referral forms to get started.

Referral Form to be completed by professional/caregiver for Young Person Under 18 or Care Experienced Young Person Under 21 – First Campus Mentoring Programme – Referral Participant Information Form (Edit) Microsoft Forms (

Self-Referral Form for Adult learners over 21 – Self Referral Adult Learners Mentoring – First Campus Participant Information Form (Edit) Microsoft Forms (

If you would like to read testimonials and gain more information on the mentoring scheme access our outreach brochure here. Alternatively, email Ceri at to ask any questions you may have.


“The First Campus Mentor supported me so much, might not had been here without them. Confidence boosted and lots of support. Definitely helpful. The best bit has been meeting them and being helped.”

“Mentoring has given me the support and the guidance that I needed to be able to complete my UCAS application and transition into university smoothly. My Mentor has been very fun, inviting and resourceful which has been a pleasure to work with – so helpful and friendly. “

“They have given me confidence and hope for the future. Mentoring has helped me achieve the best in me and have encouraged me to become more confident. If you are looking for support with any educational queries. I would definitely recommend the First Campus Mentoring Scheme as they have helped me achieve my dreams and I wouldn’t have been able to do it without their support. My favourite aspect of Mentoring was when I told my Mentor I got accepted into different universities and they were proud of me and that shows to me that they care.”


Resources: First Campus Mentoring Toolkit Here

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