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Exam Busters

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A multisensory, active learning experience
We are hosting an exciting opportunity for year 11 students at Cardiff University on the 30th March 2020.
Working in conjunction with ‘Positively mad’, we are hosting a workshop for year 11 students to support their learning and to equip them with essential study skills that will help with their final exams.

Exam Busters is an inspiring, intensive and interactive workshop which empowers students with exam preparation tips, revision tools and stress management techniques.

This workshop aligns with Gatsby benchmarks, the 3 I’s and NERUPI framework. Some of the content covered in Exam Busters includes:

  • The RICE exam system for answering exam questions
  • Past paper challenge
  • Managing time in an exam
  • Secrets of a successful memory
  • Metacognition
  • Overcoming mental blocks
  • Dual coding
  • Techniques include:
  • Sticky note snap
  • Flashcards
  • Cheat/CRIB sheet
  • The Leitner System

We recommend that students be sat around tables of 6-8 in a venue conducive to learning.


  • To stimulate a positive attitude towards learning and exams
  • To upskill students with effective memory techniques
  • To provide a comprehensive exam tool kit

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Exam Busters (FULL)

30 March 2020