Adult Summer School

Project Description

First Campus have partnered with the Widening Access team at Cardiff Metropolitan University to offer courses as part of their successful Adult Summer School held during adult learners week in June 2020.

First Campus are developing courses within the areas of Sport and Art & Design to complement the range of established courses on the programme.

Courses will be available for booking from the 1st May 2020, follow the link below to see the whole range of courses available and to book your place.

These sessions are intended for adults who may be considering going on to higher education in the future, and require no previous knowledge.  The sessions are informal, interactive and will look at people’s ideas of the benefits of further and higher education and what choices and support are available.

Course 1

15th and 16th June

Cyncoed Campus

Intro to sport and communication through ‘Athletics’

Are you interested in Physical Activity and Wellbeing? If so, this introductory course provides an insight to both physical activity and wellbeing. The course will take the form of both classroom sessions and practical sessions. More specifically, the session will use athletics as a medium to develop your understanding of communication and coaching in a range of activities. The practical experiences aims to provide you with an opportunity to develop a number of transferable skills, such as planning, communication, building rapport and personal development. Please note that if you are attending this course some physical activity will be involved, so we encourage you to wear suitable clothing.


Course 2

15th and 16th June

Llandaf Campus

Dabbling with Denim! Push the boundaries of your creative “Jeans” 

This short course will help you explore the different ways one can revamp , utilise and reuse their garments, with a focus on denim. Participants shall bring in their garment, accessory or any denim item, extra denim will be available. You are more than welcome to bring in any garment, children’s clothing, men’s or women’s. The idea of vintage denim and upcycled clothing is not new, it’s not about doing something new, it’s about making something that YOU can use! that is totally unique to you, that is YOUR brand. This 2 day course will help you find your inspiration and map out your design, just like fashion designers do in industry. The second day we will be making, painting, studding, cutting and gluing our fabulous creations.


Course 3

19th June

Cyncoed Campus

Health and Wellbeing – Be Active!

Have you ever enjoyed dancing at a party, are you curious about the benefits of Yoga?

This one day course will provide an insight into how physical activity contributes to Health and Wellbeing. By practically exploring different approaches to moving, Dance and Yoga, gain a better understanding of how your body responds to physical activity.

this is a practical day with no previous experience of the activities necessary.


Course 4

22nd and 23rd June

Llandaf Campus

Fabric Screen-Printing 101

A fun and accessible introduction to fabric screen printing . You’ll explore experimental ways to apply colour, texture and motifs to fabric. Your newly developed skills will finalise in you designing and printing your own bespoke tote bag. All materials will be provided, but in the name of sustainability, you’re welcome to bring in any fabrics or card you would like to print onto.


Course 5

26th June

Llandaf Campus

Aiming Higher

Are you wondering what to do next – education, learning, volunteering or a new job?  Our Aiming Higher session gives you the time and tools to explore your skills, strengths and values to help you determine your next steps.  In a supportive space, we will look at the barriers to further learning and ideas to overcome them.  Where next – the choice is yours!’

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