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Primary Animation – Gwbert and Grace Premiere

Thursday 8 February 2018

Year 6 pupils from Maindee, Lliswerry and Tir y Berth Primaries attended the premiere of Gwbert and Grace, on 30th January at City Campus, USW, Newport. Working with Winding Snake Animations towards the end of Year 5, each school group created animations that have been made into a series of three episodes. Now in Year 6, the pupils came to City Campus for the premiere of the series.

Episode 1: Sweet Freeze by Maindee Primary

Episode 2: Dune in the Dumps by Lliswerry Primary

Episode 3: Wet Weekend by Tir y Berth Primary

Each episode received a huge round of applause.  Afterwards the children had cakes and squash before heading back to school.