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Maindee Primary School – That’s not all folks!

Tuesday 27 August 2019

We are so glad that Maindee Primary students enjoyed their animation experience, we couldn’t ask for better comments. Looking forward to working with you again soon.

We absolutely loved working with Winding Snake at Maindee Primary School.  Giving our pupils the chance to work with professional animators not only allowed their creativity to shine, but raised their aspirations when thinking about future jobs and life outside of school.

 The project was comprised of a one day workshop with each of our Year 6 classes, focused on developing animation techniques such as Stop Motion, Claymation and Pixillation. The team from Winding Snake came in to work with the children and it was amazing to see the progress they made in such a short space of time – the opportunities for collaboration between the pupils was brilliant! 

 Following the project, the children who caught the ‘animation’ bug and were inspired to do further work had the opportunity to take part in an after school Animation Club, run by Winding Snake. A group of 16 pupils worked together to create a promotional animated video for the school – they worked with Winding Snake to choose the theme of Diversity for the video. Again, they used the above animation techniques to create their video and the school were so pleased with their amazing work, it will now feature on the schools website.

 Since taking part, the pupils have been so inspired to continue their Animation Journey, that we have been using the different animation techniques Winding Snake taught us in our wider curriculum.  Two Examples of this are: 

– Using Claymation to represent Space and the Solar System in Science.

– Using Stop Motion to show the Journey of ‘Plastic to the Ocean’ as part of our Global Goals project.

 And there have been many more opportunities as well!

 The pupils being confident and skilled to animate their work has allowed them to present their learning in creative ways and harness the power of technology in the classroom! It has increased engagement and motivation for some of our pupils as well as allowing them to practice skills in different contexts that will be useful for them in the real world.

 Thank you to Winding Snake for your amazing work with the children, and to First Campus for facilitating the project. We would definitely welcome any opportunities to develop our partnership further”

Mr Jones, Maindee Primary School.