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KS5 Portfolio Development Workshops – Illustration

Thursday 29 March 2018

On the 17th February 2018 participants from schools across South East Wales took part in an Illustration workshop as part of the KS5 Portfolio Development Workshop series at Cardiff Metropolitan University.

Workshops are designed to provide an opportunity for learners to develop the breath of their art portfolios, visit the university and make use of the facilities, as well as obtain valuable advice and guidance from university staff and current undergraduate about potential courses and study pathways.

The Illustration session was led by Amelia Johnstone, Senior Lecturer Illustration, Cardiff School of Art and Design who was very impressed by the potential of the pupils

The workshop was a real delight; it is wonderful what the power of the imagination can do in three short hours to develop idiosyncratic and beguiling stories. This workshop is designed to unlock the talent of possible illustrators and is suitable for anyone with a creative and story-full-mind! It is so much fun to see the tales unfold and characters emerge. A very memorable Saturday’.