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KS5 Portfolio Development Workshop – Ceramics

Friday 8 June 2018

On the 17th March 2018 participants from schools across South East Wales took part in a Ceramics workshop as part of the KS5 Portfolio Development Workshop series at Cardiff Metropolitan University.

Workshops are designed to provide an opportunity for learners to develop the breath of their art portfolios, visit the university and make use of the facilities, as well as obtain valuable advice and guidance from university staff and current students about potential courses and study pathways.

The Ceramics session was led by Dr Natasha Mayo, Programme Director Ceramics, Cardiff School of Art and Design who was very pleased to welcome the group to the University,

The Ceramics department at Cardiff School of Art and Design prides itself on a strong sense of community and high calibre of skill share; all school and college visits for taster days and tours around the department encounter this dynamic. A recent visit from KS5 students from across Wales was no exception. Along with programme director Dr Natasha Mayo, artist Mikky Saunby, graduate from our BA, MA and INC Space residency programme was on hand to explain her experience of learning within the art school and then took them through the stages of making figurative ceramic work using the thick coil construction method. You can find out more about Mikkys practice on this link: