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Thursday 28 June 2018

London Summer Show and Awards Ceremony

Club members visited London, as part of the First Campus National Saturday Clubs in Science and Art & Design.  Participants were presented with a National Saturday Club certificate from John Sorrell, Sorrell Foundation at the Kings College.   The visit was then followed by an exhibition of all of the participant’s work which was displayed at the Summer Show Exhibition at Somerset House.  The day culminated with a ride on the Coca Cola London Eye Experience to look at the different iconic landmarks across London.

Richard Rowlands, Science Club Lead Tutor said: “A highlight was taking the members to London to see their work displayed.  The reaction each member had after locating their handprint, generated from their host bacteria, was priceless!”

Daniel Williams, Art & Design Club Lead Tutor said: “One of my stand-out moments of the year has been witnessing the way the Club members, old and new, have come together and formed a new group that has been able to bounce off each other and offer support to others”.

The highlight of the day was seeing all of the Club members cheer for one another while receiving their National Saturday Club certificate from John Sorrell at London’s Kings College.  The atmosphere was outstanding! We felt so proud of the participants.

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