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Climate Debate at the National Museum of Cardiff

Wednesday 22 January 2020

It was all about the Climate Debate at the National Museum of Cardiff.

70 students from 6 schools in South East Wales got involved in our Climate Change Debate last month.

The 14-16-year olds got to develop their opinions on the current scientific and ethical viewpoints on climate change by debating with experts in the field – Caroline Lear, department of Earth Sciences, Cardiff University; And academic professors from the Centre of Climate Change and Social Transformation Cardiff University…

..I enjoyed listening to the experts talk.. We learnt lots of new things.. We had a chance to express our ideas and thoughts on climate change’..

Using information and evidence gathered at the Museum’s galleries about the science of climate change, the pupils debated how we should change our lifestyle to take personal action on climate change. After all the investigating and debating they got to vote for or against the topic.

Afterwards the pupils had the chance to visit the Natural History galleries at National Museum Cardiff, explore the fast fashion display created by young people responding to the Climate Emergency, and meet a very special visitor, Dippy the Diplodocus.

It was great to hear that the pupils and teachers enjoyed the discussion.

“The debate provided the pupils an opportunity to extend their learning in the area of Climate change. The academics provided a detailed argument that allowed the pupils to ask questions that deepened their thought process and allowed them to ask questions that prompted discussions. The pupils enjoyed the day, as did I!  St Martins High School, Caerphilly

A great day! The debate was a great tool to allow the pupils to explore this topic. We would have liked to have more time on the debate – so many issues to explore. Eastern High School, Cardiff

We hope to see you all again soon!