Daniel Tomkins USW Student Ambassador

Daniel Tomkins

Age: 24

From: Blaenau Gwent, South Wales

Course: MSc Global Governance

Why USW and this course?

Being from a rural area in South Wales, USW in Treforest has a sense of familiarity that was attractive to me. I feel the campus has a welcoming aura about it, partly because of the scenery it is surrounded by and also because of the relative smallness of the community. Should one want a change of pace, Cardiff is only a short train ride away!

With aspirations of working in the diplomatic services abroad, my course is the natural progression from my undergraduate degree since not only does it expand my theoretical understanding of the field, it also gives me the chance to work alongside some of the organisations that govern civil society on a global scale.

First Campus – Initial Thoughts

First Campus aims to raise the aspirations of young people from groups which are underrepresented in Higher Education by showing them the many possibilities available to them at University. Students participate in workshops that brake down barriers to Higher Education, including things like money and grade attainment. I was pleasantly surprised to see just how receptive key stage 3 students could be to discussions about finance when they are conducted in a fun way – It’s always interesting to hear about the flash cars and designer clothes they intend to spend their student loans on!

My Role with First Campus

My role with First Campus is to provide a student perspective and to share my own personal experiences and anecdotes with the students that they can relate to in some way. My favourite session was one that I did with the students from my old secondary school. I feel they were able to connect with me and see themselves in my shoes in a few years given our similar backgrounds.

Why go to University?

Not only is university a great way to upskill yourself and learn more about the fields you are interested in, but there are also many other things that the University experience has to offer, most of which are taught outside of the classroom. For many, it represents the first steps into independence from their families. Moving to an unfamiliar town or city allows you to make new friends, find new hobbies and learn how to be responsible for your own living space.

Since I already lived close to the university, I didn’t see the need for me to relocate. My recommendation for people who do the same would be to take part in one of the many societies at the university so that you can immerse yourself in the social side of university a lot more.