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Biology GCSE Workshops

Wednesday 24 January 2018

In December, 29 Year 11 pupils from Newport High School and Fitzalan High School attended a daylong Biology GCSE support session at Cardiff Metropolitan University. The session was delivered by Dr Cathryn Withycombe and her team, and explored DNA. It included talks and demonstrations designed to enhance their understanding of this important GCSE topic. During the day, pupils got the opportunity to amplify and see strands of their own DNA.

The workshop covered aspects of Unit 4 from the WJEC Biology GCSE curriculum, but went much further by introducing them to lab culture, current research and the ethics of gene manipulation, amongst other topics.

This session is part 1 of a series of support sessions. In March, the same pupils will explore ‘Disease, Defence and Treatment’, another key area of the WJEC Biology syllabus.